About Clarity Marketing

Actually, before we talk about Clarity Marketing, let’s talk about you first… why are you looking for some marketing advice? From my experience you’ll already be a bit more marketing-savvy than your competitors and you’ll want to build on that with some top-notch marketing knowledge.

The chances are that your business is undergoing some kind of change, either from external pressures or an internal decision to operate differently. And you’ll care about your clients and customers – that’s the only way to put marketing where it belongs, at the heart of your business.

Clarity Marketing clients might typically have:

  • Identified a new market opportunity and need to capitalise on it;
  • Decided that the time is right to grow their business and want some objective input to help identify the markets that will help them do that;
  • Spotted that their market is going to change and are determined that this will not have a detrimental effect on the business;
  • Recognised that they have let their brand become stale and that they need to renew their customer understanding before spending money on new promotional material;
  • Established ambitious goals and know that they need a focused and structured approach to achieving them;
  • Taken over the running of a family firm and are looking forward to making a fresh start.

All these things involve marketing – but none start from the idea that the quick fix of a new brochure or an email campaign alone will solve their marketing problems. You already know that, so that’s why you need to work with Clarity Marketing.

A word from Francine Pickering

As a Chartered Marketer, I founded Clarity Marketing back in July 2003 because I believe that small and growing businesses need sound marketing advice every bit as much as those larger businesses that can afford to have their own marketing team.

My approach is professional and practical – pragmatic advice that can be readily applied with the resources you have, underpinned by a clear marketing principles and up-to-date research.

By working with you as part of your extended team, rather than just a supplier of services, I get to know your business and your goals and we work together to achieve them. Most of all, I’m about getting things done so if marketing is one of those things that seems to always find its way to the bottom of your priority list, it’s probably time we had a chat.

Drop me a line to get that conversation started…