Marketing Projects

A one-off strategic marketing project can be a great way to get your marketing off to a professional start. We’re open to talking about whatever your marketing needs are but find that there are some projects that are particularly popular with our clients.

Strategic Marketing Plan for growth businesses

For long-term marketing success, a strategic approach to marketing is essential based on an in-depth understanding of your business and marketplace.

The Strategic Marketing Plan service will take you through a detailed marketing journey, complete with any necessary research into your marketing and competitive environment, tailored to your specific business needs.

Who does the Strategic Marketing Plan suit?

The Strategic Marketing Plan is ideal for business owners who are planning for the long-term success of their business and understand that a strategic approach to marketing is key to their success. Most likely, you will be instigating change within your business.

  • You might be launching a new business altogether or a new product or service within an existing business.
  • You could be restructuring your business and need to take a more strategic approach to understanding your market.
  • You might simply know that “it’s time for a change”

What does the Strategic Marketing Plan include?

An initial in-depth session will scope out, and highlight any omissions in:

  • Your vision and values;
  • Your current situation including a through SWOT analysis;
  • Your business and marketing goals and objectives;
  • Your target market and market segments;
  • Your understanding of customer motivation:
  • Wider market influences on your business;
  • Your competitive environment and competitor profiles;
  • Your strategic choices in terms of direction and USP;
  • Your “marketing mix” – the different elements that your marketing strategy needs to consider.

You will be delivered an outline report and together we will decide what further information is required and how best to gather it – some of this could be your “homework”; other parts could best be undertaken by us as an objective outsider.

A further meeting will refine and shape the additional information before a full marketing plan, together with promotional action plan, is delivered.

Quick Start Marketing Plan for micro businesses and start-ups

Even a small business with straightforward needs can benefit from a focused approach to their marketing to make sure that they are investing wisely.

The Quick Start Marketing Plan service will review your current marketing practices to see how fit for purpose they are and make recommendations to improve your performance. Insights that can save you time and money now and in the future or shed light on opportunities you hadn’t spotted make this service great value for money.

Who does the Quick Start Marketing Plan suit?

The Quick Start Marketing Plan is ideal for owners of “micro businesses” and start-up businesses who:

  • Have not made any changes to their marketing activities for some time and want to know how to take a fresh approach;
  • Want to take the risk out of their promotional activities by knowing they’re doing what’s right for their business.
  • Have never had any formal marketing plan and want to assess their ad hoc marketing activities before taking a more structured approach;
  • Are keen to understand their current situation and get an independent overview before making any big marketing decisions.

How does the Quick Start Marketing Plan work?

Over a 2-3 hour session we will review your current marketing mix (product, price, promotion, place, people, process and physical evidence) to find out how well it is – or isn’t – working for your business. The review goes beyond simply promoting your business – it looks at all the factors that make marketing effective.

We will then produce a report, delivered to you within a week, which will include:

  • An overview of your current marketing situation;
  • Recommendations as to what you should stop doing, what you should start doing, and what you should do more of for a more profitable business;
  • An action plan of marketing activities that are immediately practical with your current resources;
  • Suggestions for future marketing activities that you should consider.

What can a Quick Start Marketing Plan achieve for your business?

Recent Quick Start Marketing Plans have helped to:

  • Future-proof a service ensuring it continues to provide a means of differentiating its users in the longer term;
  • Review pricing – the client’s assumption about price significantly undervalued the product compared to customer perceptions;
  • Save significant sums of money on ineffective advertising.
  • Identify easy-to-reach new markets.

Website review, brief development and copy writing

Developing a new website can be a daunting prospect if you don’t have a technical background and are confused by the jargon of web specialists. We often work as the “interpreter” between you and your web developer, helping you to:

  • Scope out what your website should include to fully support your marketing strategy.
  • Brief and liaise with your web designer saving you the time it takes and the frustration that can arise from misunderstandings.
  • Provide SEO-friendly copy and metadata that will both engage your website visitors and help your search engine rankings.

Clients who use this service get the website they need without the time and hassle of trying to manage this themselves. We can also help you source a talented and cost-effective designer who will suit your needs.