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Spreadable marketing – a perspective on generating “word of mouth”

“Spreadable marketing” is more than another term for “word of mouth”, requiring a strategic focus on the sweet spot where your audience needs meet your business objectives and achieving this in a way that is engaging to the audience and encourages them to share and circulate your media. Unlike “viral marketing” it understands the agency of the audience in this choice. It requires you to understand what you want your audience to think, feel, do or know and to create content accordingly. When I first came across the term “spreadable marketing” I wondered whether it was just another buzz phrase
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9 reasons why customers are not all created equal

Not all customers are equally desirable and “everyone” is not a target market. Whilst there will be some subtleties in the way you target your ideal customer or clients there are some common qualities that everyone should be looking for: the ability and willingness to pay, knowing what they want and understanding what that entails in dealing with you (or being prepared to take your advice), and being easy to work with are key. I’ve been doing some networking this week and one of the questions I usually ask in these situations is, “Who is a good customer for you?”
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What is the Marketing Mix?

Many business owners regard “marketing” as being just about promoting their business – blasting out some promotional messages and waiting for the result in sales. A strategic approach to marketing understands that your business needs to offer a total package to customers: this is the Marketing Mix. With seven different elements, this framework enables you to take a holistic approach to meeting your customer’s needs, giving them a compelling reason to buy from you. The Marketing Mix. It’s either a bit of business school jargon – or a useful framework to check you’ve covered all the aspects of your business
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